iPhone demonstration recording – Aug.2020

I’ll take the least and make him… less.
I’ll win the heart – grind it to dust.
My lies resound as truth.
They’re amplified as they’re pursued.

I’m in your dreams and in your hate,
as you retire and when you wake.
You will behold my face this day.
You will invoke the name
of the Beast.
Of the Deceiver.

Soldiers of God you thought to trust
are those who chant loudest.
Their prayers ablaze with lust
as they call down vengeance
for the Beast.
Come forth, believers.
For the Beast.
For the Deceiver.

I’ll seize the flesh and devour 
each second of every hour
until time is no more.

For where there’s you,
there isn’t me.
Now that will no longer be.
I own you
from soul through
to womb, tongue
and teeth.

Now you’re the Beast.
You’re the Deceiver.
The Beast, The Deceiver.
Beast | Deceiver


© 2018.